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All massages are made with Organic vegetal oils. You'll discover relaxation, energetic balance, muscular recover...

Bali delice

Inspired by the traditional Balinese technic. An association of kneadeing massage, stretching and acupressure to reduce stress, re-focus and improve blood and lymph circulation.

1h30 70€

Trip to Nirvana

An "à la carte" massage for muscle relaxation using grapeseed oil. This complete massage can be either very relaxing or suited for sport.

1 hour 50€

Indian dream

Inspired by ayurvedic technique Abhyanga this massage with Organic sesame oil sets energy flows in balance again, thus enabling body and mind to relax. An ideal massage during seasonal changes, it strengthens the immune system and removes toxins.

1 hour 50€

Gladiator massage

A deep massage for muscle relaxation, this sport massage is done either after sport for maximum recovery, or before sport to prepare muscles. With beneficial effects of Organic olive oil from Sierra de Guara. 1 hour 50€

Targeted massage

Half hour massage on one or two body parts (e.g. : back+legs/back+head/hands+feet+head). To eliminate tensions and have a new start! 30 min 30€

Wood massage (maderotherapy)

Deep drainge method using wood tools.

For sportmen/sportwomen, to recover legs demanding efforts. To improve body shape, eliminating toxins, reducing cellulilet and heavy legs sensation, and tone skin by stimulation of collagen and elastine production.

1 hour for athletes 50€. 1h 50€ or 1h30 70€ for body sculp depending of your requirement